Financial and payroll accounting software developers in India
Financial and payroll accounting software developers in India

Payroll Accounting Software

Payroll Accounting Software helps you to prepare your salary and wage sheets in an efficient and timely manner with generation of all statutory reports for various departments.

You can get the data auto-posted to the FAS Financial Accounting software if you are using that module also. There are excellent MIS reports to help you control costs and get a good overview of the payout.

Payroll Management System(PMS) is an integrated Software to keep track of the personnel pay systems. It has covered practically all the modules that a company looks for in a Payroll Accounting Software. PMS has been developed in POWERBUILDER as front end tools and the user can choose from a wide range of back end RDMS tools like Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, Access etc. It's a true GUI based 32 bit user friendly Software which supports Draft Mode Printing. The amazing computing speed of the software reduces computing time to a great extend.

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The Key features of the Software are listed here:

Payroll Reports

  • Pay Register, Pay Slip.
  • Monthly PF, Yearly PF
  • Monthly P Tax, Yearly P Tax
  • Monthly I Tax, Yearly I Tax
  • Monthly ESI, Yearly ESI
  • Bank Advice.
  • Leave Status, Bonus, PF Loans & Advance.

Return Forms

  • Form 16, Form 24.
  • Professional Tax Returns, ESI Returns.
  • PF Returns (Form 12A, Form 3A, Form 6A)
  • ESI Returns
  • F.P.F. Returns, EDLI Forms.
  • Gratuity Valuation
  • Leave Encashment Valuation

MIS Reports

  • Salary Certificate, Salary Reconciliation.
  • Cumulative Pay Slip, Cumulative Pay Register.
  • Estimated Cost to the Company Computation, Actual Cost to the Company
  • Information Register
  • Other Payment Slip
  • Leave Encashment Register
  • Deduction Register
  • Monthly Journal for Salary

Graphical Representation

  • Monthly Sales Graphs
  • Location wise Salary Graphs
  • Category wise Salary Graphs
  • Department wise Salary Graphs

Transaction Entries

  • Attendance> Monthly, Fortnightly, Daily (With Time / Without Time)
  • Overtime Duration Entries
  • Other Payment Transactions
  • Increment / Promotion Entry
  • Loan & Advance Entries

Master Entries

  • Employee Location, Department, Category
  • Employee Master
  • CCA Slab Master
  • VDA Slab Master
  • PF Slab Master, P Tax Slab Master
  • Other Payments Master
  • Loans & Advances Master
  • Leave Allotment Master
  • Employee wise Perquisites Master
  • Allowances Calculation Rule Master


  • Import Data from Attendance data punching machines.
  • Export data to Excel, Fox Pro, Word Etc.
  • User Defined Pay Register
  • E-Mail reports & listings.