Financial and payroll accounting software developers in India
Financial and payroll accounting software developers in India

Purchase Procurement System

Purchase Procurement System(PPS) is an integrated software to keep track of the complete purchase procurement procedure in your organization.

PPS has been developed with POWERBUILDER and the user can choose from a wide range of back end RDMS tools like Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, Access etc. It's a true GUI based 32 bit user friendly software which supports an inbuilt Report Writer and Draft Mode Printing. The amazing computing speed of the software reduces computing time to a great extend.

The Key features of the software are listed here:

Purchase Procedure Reports

  • Indent Printing
  • Indent Register
  • Comparative Statement of Vendors
  • Purchase Order Printing
  • Purchase Order Register
  • Pending Purchase Order Register
  • Pending Indent Register
  • Quotation Invitation Letter

Purchase Transaction Entries

  • Indent Entries
  • Quotation Entry
  • Comparison cum approval Entry
  • Capital Expenditure Proposal
  • Purchase Order Entry