Student Management Software

Student management in a school/college/University becomes super easy with this software.
Raycomputech Provides the Best Student Management Software, School Management Software, University Management Software in India.

About School/Student/University Management Software

Raycomputech Pvt Ltd provides an Integrated School, Student, University Management System Software to each of its partner schools, colleges or universities  to manage database, information, timetable, admissions and to fully ensure tech-enabled educational System. Admission and Counseling process can be done easily with this Online admission software and Online counseling software.

  • Generation of results on academic curriculum subjects is guaranteed.
  • Well structured Admissions & Fees Generation System.
  • Real-time tracking of students.
  • Student’s attendance & performance reports.

Features Of Student Management Software

Set Up


a) School Transactions

b) Fund Management Transactions

c) Student Development Transaction

d) Student Transactions

f) Employee Transactions

g) Examination Transactions

h) Hostel and Canteen Transactions



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